Technical writer for hire

In addition to the content I create for the travel niche, I specialize in technical writing for IT. I have worked with international data center companies, cybersecurity companies, cloud providers and more.

Here are a few examples of my work:

Client: Iron Mountain Data Centers

State of the European Data Center Market

In this edition of Voices of the Industry, Eric Boonstra, VP & GM of Iron Mountain Data Centers Western Europe explores how the European data center market is evolving and poised for future growth.

Cloud-First Does Not Mean Cloud Only — Add Colocation for the Ideal Balance

Hybrid IT architectures with colo as the foundation increase efficiency, lower costs, and mitigate risks when compared to environments with only in-house data centers. Rick Crutchley, Chief Operating Officer at Iron Mountain shares how organizations can benefit from a hybrid IT strategy that features colocation

The Story of Renewable Energy in the Data Center Industry

In this edition of Voices of the Industry, Kevin Hagen, of Iron Mountain, outlines the evolution of renewable energy use in the data center and colocation industry. 

Data Center Frontier: Most Popular Columns of 2018
Four columns that I developed with Iron Mountain four of the 10 most popular Voices of the Industry columns for 2018.

IT Perspectives: Top 5 Network Challenges of 2019

Iron Mountain Data Centers’ Frank Scalzo highlights the top network challenges facing engineers and architects in today’s data center market.

Feel free to contact me regarding future projects. Thanks!