Filming a branded video series in Kansas


Kansas Ready-Made Adventures Series

Kansas Travel and Tourism wanted a video series that could bring their destination to life, from the small towns that dot the prairie to the Old West adventures that can still be found in the Sunflower State. They hired me and my small company, Go World, to create an 11-video series that would be used to promote travel in Kansas.

Over a three year period, I worked closely with the PR and marketing teams at Kansas Travel and Tourism to uncover the hidden stories of Kansas. My crew and I spent more than 12 weeks over a two-year period in Kansas researching, filming and talking with locals. I attended town meetings, met with museum curators, spoke with artists, historians, farmers and local leaders. My goal was to understand the unique experience that is Kansas — and then share that story with potential visitors.

I served as writer, researcher, producer and occasional host in the series. The resulting video series tells the stories of Kansas, both past and present.

The videos were used on (the state’s tourism website), in Kansas Welcome Centers, at meetings and conventions and more.

View the Videos:

Cowboys & Cattletowns
The legend of the Old West is still alive and well in the cattle towns of Kansas.

Discovering Dinosaurs & Sea Monsters
The land now known as Kansas was once the ocean floor to a vast inland sea that covered the Midwest.

Flint Hills
Driving through the Flint Hills will quickly challenge your notions of prairie.

Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area
Explore the evolving ideal and fundamental American value of Freedom.

Santa Fe Trail 
Follow the Santa Fe through Kansas, visiting historic stops along the way.

Pony Express
Follow the Pony Express Trail through Kansas.

Artisan Trail
Arts are everywhere in Kansas.

Quirky Kansas
The unique and quirky roadside attractions across the state.

If you’re looking for a “Main Street America” adventure, follow this route along I-70 through Kansas.

Interstate 35 stretches from Canada to Mexico but the best attractions are in Kansas.

Family Fun
Family fun for all ages in eight communities across Kansas.