Dog sledding in Quebec

Dog sleds have been used for transportation in the far north for generations. (E. Boisvert/Tourisme Mauricie)

Let’s go!” my friend, Éliane says, pulling a 12-person rubber raft towards us.

We’re standing at the top of a snow-covered hill in Quebec. Below us, 30 runs spread out like fingers, and we watch as happy riders go shrieking down the mountain in rubber tubes and rafts.

Snow tubing is serious business in Quebec, especially at Super Glissades de Saint-Jean-de-Martha, a family-friendly snow tubing destination just 1.5 hours from Montreal. Tubing lifts pull riders and their tubes up the mountain. The runs are well-formed to keep each rider in their own lane, and safety gates open for the next rider when the run is clear.

The tubing raft Éliane has pulled over to us is big enough for our whole group, and my friends and I climb in. The gate opens and down we go, laughing with delight like kids.

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